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Nov '13


To help people avoid such problems and make them more literate, L. Ron Hubbard researched this area and created the work, which he called "New Grammar". Here's how he explains What is grammar, talks about its origin and function (purpose). "Grammar – is the way in which words are organized into oral and written language to accurately convey to people thoughts, ideas and meaning. In essence, this system agreements concerning the relationship of words to make meaningful communication.

It's all about grammar. If it is determined in another way, the students will think that they are taught the school rules, but not how to speak and read. This definition can not be found in dictionaries, because the grammar has got into the hands of grammarians, who themselves did not understand the word "grammar". This and only this makes complex grammar. The purpose of the "New Grammar" – to circumvent the ensuing complications.

The grammar is based on the general use and is moving forward by writers. It has become very muddy cycling in a very muddy river, being in the clutches of the professors. That is what is initially wrong. She did not even difficult to understand. It is difficult just to understand the inability of professors to write about it. Grammar – it's not learning anything. This use of something. And now a professor cabbage believes that science can be anything. This is because he is paid, if he tells people that this is science. Grammar – is part of everyday existence, and if you do not know about it and can not use it – no one can understand you, and you can not understand other people and things and people will for you a mystery for very long.

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