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May '14

Federal Government

The Federal Government is fighting a battle against malnutrition, as well as against eating disorders treatment options against eating disorders over the health ministries of the countries for years. Both have reached an alarming level in the last twenty years. Almost every second young person not healthy eats and in adults it looks not much different. Two concepts from the field of eating disorders are often mistaken. These are Fresssucht and binge eating. What do these mean and what are the differences? Binge eating is a disorder in which sufferers devour huge amounts of food in relatively short periods of time. 10,000 Calories as two hours are common. Cakes, chocolate, chips, meatballs, French fries, hamburgers, ice 10,000 calories are relatively quickly, faster than you might imagine.

Of course, those affected that pay a high price, both the short and the long term. Directly after this eating attacks Eater are often the binge immobilize, they roll up with stomach pain, nausea and the feeling to burst. Guilt and shame, as well as long-term health damage are obvious further problems. During binge eating attacks in many cases only and, E.g. several times per week or month occurs, Fresssucht is a perpetual state. Eating disorders are both. In the Fresssucht, the quantities are however low, at least on a day-related. Normally there are not 10,000 calories and more, which are consumed here.

Here too is not of taste due to stuffed into, but rather to push other feelings. The food addicts or binge Eater eats, because it quickly feels good, because it displaces loneliness, anxiety, boredom, pain and other. Similar to the players, alcoholics, purchase addict or other dependent. But how can you help them again from the vicious cycle of (FR) food, guilt and feelings of shame and new (FR) food to find out? The largest provider of self-help programs against Fresssucht in the German-speaking world, Lavario, lavario.de/fresssucht, refers to the combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis. Affected should learn on the one hand as soon as possible, as when cravings can resist, how she relapses and slips, as they free themselves from their poor self-image, as they new, more meaningful strategies learn to deal with their feelings, on the other hand but also a lot more about yourself find out. Until then, you will have lasting success against Fresssucht and binge eating, also learning in addition to specific behavior tips, why it is get into all this addiction, what are the daily trigger cravings – and eating disorder, how else to deal with its problems and how it assigns and others for pain experienced in the past. With therapeutic accompaniment in psychotherapeutic practices or through self-help programs, patients can learn this and again find back to a normal life. You can get more information on lavario.

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