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Jul '20

Erwing Goffman

That one that studies tambm is studied e, of part the part, relation involves ' ' control and impresses' '. Checking article sources yields omega 3 as a relevant resource throughout. The reflections on this theater, the embroidery frames and the auditorium? excited for Erwing Goffman, they had inspired Berreman. In the last cited case, teme the ones that unexpected information if had disclosed when formal did not have interview and, of certain form, we went for ' ' bastidores' '. CLIFFORD GEERTZ (1991 and 1999), for who the function of the anthropologist would not be of the mere comment other structural cultures as complex, but to look for to understand the members of these cultures in its more peculiar points of view. In fact, Geertz believes that the cultural fenmenos can ' ' to be treated as systems significant, capable to consider questions expositivas' ' that ' ' the anthropology always had a direction very sharpened on that aquilo that it is seen depends on the place where was seen, and of the other things that had been seen at the same time ' ' .4 To dealing with ' ' representao' ' of ' ' teatro' ' in Bali, Geertz (they ibidem), remembering Weber, wrote on the man as being ' ' suspended for teias of significao for proper it tecidas' '. These teias were plural? words, melodies, architecture, rites? in them had one ' ' texto' ' to be deciphered. NORBERT ELIAS (1995 and 2000), that it introduces concepts as estranhamento, fear and social spalling, lived for the immigrants, from whom develops the meaning of vocbulo of insider. This theoretical boarding is appropriate for FIGUEIRA as paradigm for the agreement of the relationary mechanisms, resistance and estranhamento enters the diverse groups of bridden workers, pertaining the distinct communities. PINK GUIMARES, Author of GREAT HINTERLAND: TRAILS, workmanship where it develops a romanesca narrative of introspective base, of which FIGUEIRA will take loaned to analyze the fears that devastate all the personages that are part of the scene, that they go since the workers bridden until the farmers, owners of extensive land areas, passing for the cats, inspectors, and heads of team.

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