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Apr '13

Environment Painting

SUMMARY Today, became well-known, the interest of all for the recovery, conservation and maintenance of the environment. Small, average and great companies, who want to be distinguished in the market where they act, have of some form, that if to involve in the maintenance and the recovery of the environment, as well as in the community where if they point out. The focus of this work is in the minimizao of the degradation of the environment, by means of a study of case carried through in companies of the industrial painting branch. It aims at to reduce, in a significant percentage, the sum of residues generated for this process, in particular, the originated ones for the use of solvent, a chemical and liquid product, that a bigger risk of destruction of the ground and air presents, in relation to the other residues. Amongst the possible processes of descartabilidade or reaproveitamento, he opted himself to a new concept used in the market, in great ascension nowadays, to be able, effectively, to contribute in minimizao or in the elimination of ousting of residues, in the nature, proceeding from the use of solvent in painting processes: the reverse concept and I reuse. Logistic Reversa and reutilizao (reverse and I reuse) had been grouped in this process, of a form such that, using itself of this I begin, was verified the viability to return to the manufacturer or the recuperator, all the solvent residue of proceeding from the painting process, so that the same it was recouped or in the worse one of the hypotheses, discarded of correct form. To follow, they meet, inside of the theoretical referencial, all the concepts and applicabilities of the Logistic Reversa, concepts of Residues and Environment. Soon after, in the development, it was focado all the process of generation and recovery of residues, proceeding from the use of solvent, produced in the painting process.

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