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Mar '13

Egyptians God

New age philosophy has been extended to the field of the care medico and going up to infiltrate in the Christian beliefs regarding the divine physical healing. It is said that some have been healed through the power of visualization practice and that their cases are medically verifiable. Visualization practice consists in teach the patient to imagine scenes in which his illness or cancer is under attack by what your spiritual eye to see as attacker and conqueror of his condition. Is this a way to powerful but harmless to use images and practicing positive thinking? Do both the Christian and non-Christian cannot use of this brain power given by God to cooperate with universal mind in which cure is? The answer to these questions for the believer is strongly negative. The Bible has already taught the Christian in search of healing, to focus your mind on God’s living Word. 4.20-22 Proverbs Scripture instructs the believer saying, my son, is attentive to my words; tilt your heard my reasons. Do not deviate from your eyes. Keep them in the midst of your heart (the mind’s eye), because they are life to those who find them, and medicine throughout his body.

The Christian should not suppress or dismiss perfectly reasonable suggestions resulting from a positive perspective. This includes follow instructions from your doctor, the cleaning of your diet, and consider the use of medicinal plants, the medicine of God. These things have no condemnation in the Bible. Therefore, the believer can do many of the same things that makes the unbeliever’s positive mindset, but only up to certain line as mentioned above. Every thought that rises in opposition to Jesus Christ must be abandoned immediately to prevent against give advantage to Satan who can act in the life of a person through the sin is committed against God. Only the Lord can heal every sickness and disease, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. Note that nowhere in the Scriptures is Christ saying to them that healthy that he used the display type fostered by the new age movement. Writing 2 Corinthians 10.5-6 commandeth men that tear down all arrogance and arguments that stands up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought to the obedience to Christ.

Again, is recorded in exodus 15.26 which, if you carefully oyeres the voice of the Lord your God, and you hicieres straight in front of your eyes, and you dost ear to his commandments, and you keep all his statutes, any disease of which they sent to the Egyptians I will send to you, because I am the Lord your healer. People should also be aware of the various methods for the diagnosis of the disease. These methods include the study of invisible meridians of the body, the yin/yang balance, and so many others that could enumerate. They inevitably lead one to participate in practices and pagan doctrines of which were born.

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