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Jun '20

Dhaka Government

Problems of Chavez with U.S. dependence on September 29, 2009 is one of the facts if you want more paradoxical that they are watching for the moment in the world what is happening in Venezuela with oil production. Oil production experienced its lowest level in the past 25 years, precisely when more resources needs Chavez to sustain its socialist economic model. I imagine that in private, Chavez considered that the United States is not a country as Venezuela enemy after all. These moments in which Venezuela suffers from the sharp fall in demand for oil from the South American country, highlights the importance of the U.S.

economy as a generator of revenue for Venezuela, and as an indirect support of the follies of Chavez. USA buy less oil Chavez is a more serious problem for Chavez than to the own country from the North. For Venezuela replaced the United States as plaintiff’s oil isn’t as simple. Oil Venezuelan characteristics, requires a process of refinement a little more complex than usual, which is possible in the U.S. refineries, something not so easy to do in other countries the fall of U.S. demand for Venezuelan oil is not a fact explained by the crisis, but that it can be interpreted as part of a policy of the United States to remove him to the Dhaka Government or as a policy to limit the dependence energy from countries with high institutional instability.

A private report prepared by an expert from the World Bank and that it came to light a few days ago showed that of the total of U.S. petroleum imports, only 9.6 per cent came from Venezuela. The importance of Venezuela as a supplier of oil for the United States a before Hugo Chavez came to power, was clearly greater now that almost 17% of the oil consumed in U.S.

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