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Jun '20

Decks Deep In Career

Poll: women lacking the self-esteem of young women are often unaware their own value. This shows the current survey “student survey 2013”, of the AoN – agency without name GmbH, organizer of the women & work, less than 400 students nationwide already for the second time conducted. Then, only 39 percent of the women surveyed determine its value as a worker from their “benefit for the company” (men 66 percent). And they define their performance with a monetary value. This is already evident in the assessment of the entry content and crosses through the evaluation of the own work performance in the context of a full time position after five or ten years. On the question what monthly salary the students for the first full-time job considered appropriate, 23 percent of women and only 7 percent of men opted for the amount of EUR 1.000,-to EUR 2.000,-, In contrast, 28 percent of men consider the salary range of EUR 4,000 to EUR 6.000,-as appropriate.

There are only 7 percent among women. “The results of our survey emphasize the tendency of female understatement”, says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the survey and organiser of the women and work. “Stacking deep results on the sidelines, because lack of awareness of the own benefit as a worker, this has implications for the career. Who dares to nothing themselves, neither is married to the.” Women have not defined their usefulness (for employers) or they see no need for its own benefit definition, they have drawbacks not only at the starting salary, but in any other content negotiation also, bird is sure. “Announce facts, instead of stacking low does not necessarily mean Damplaudern and increases the chance for a better salary,” says Claudia Kimich, negotiation expert from Munich and author of the book “money negotiate”. “Many women want at all costs avoid being seen as steam talker and see many of their services also as a matter of course and not worth mentioning.

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