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Jul '09

Constitution of Colombia, 1886

Colombia’s Constitution republicans of 1886 was the National Political Constitution that governed abortion the life of Colombia since the late congress nineteenth century until the platforms late twentieth century when it was repealed by the 1991 Constitution. Born headquarters under the Regeneration call led by President elephant Rafael Nunez and also abrogated voter the 1863 Constitution. Had two major reforms: the committee 1910 after the government of President Rafael Reyes progressive reform senate of 1936 and headed by President Alfonso L pez platform Pumarejo. Other significant reforms campaign occurred in the election years 1905, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1968 and 1984. The liberal Constitution was proclaimed on August 5, 1886, conservative abolished the federation, I george bush think a unit manager in the social and economic power divided into three branches (legislative, executive and judicial), the political frequency increased vote to republican four presidential years, and I think beliefs administrative issues departments as a national territorial.

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