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Jan '10

Biography Descended

Biography Descended from a family of wealthy landowners, presidents of the employer of large landowners, the Sociedad Rural Argentina and owners of 2,500,000 hectares of land in Patagonia donated by Julio Argentino Roca after the Conquest of the Desert Martinez de Hoz was launched in the civil service as finance minister of the province of Salta in the Liberating Revolution. The play then as secretary of Agriculture and eventually de facto minister of President Jose Maria Guido (1962-1963 ) and in the banking, financial, industrial and agricultural.He led the Malal stay Hue, Buenos Aires insurer Insurance Company, and Company Italo Argentina de Electricidad, presided over the oil and financial Petrosur Rosafin, and, having locked relationship with the Rockefellers, was the owner of the Acindar steelworks in the years immediately preceding the coup. It would be then called by Jorge Rafael Videla to occupy the Ministry of Economy. Martinez de Hoz had close ties with the military brass, would use Acindar as a testing ground for repressive practices carried out later during the process.According to admissions by Martinez de Hoz-open the investigation after the return of democracy, for the nationalization of the Company’s willful Italo Argentina de Electricidad, whose board was a member when it paid 300 million dollars for an undercapitalized company, in 1975 to have visited a Videla, who was then chief of staff, together with other members of the Argentine businessman, asking him to contribute to preserve order in the circumstances that prevented “freedom of work, production and productivity.” In the course of subsequent interviews with Army leaders designed a system of spying and surveillance, coordinated with security forces and military intelligence, aimed to identify the main trade union activists.In May of that year there were opportunities to implement them during the repression of a massive strike by metalworkers in Acindar plant in Villa Constituci n, directed by Alberto Piccinini, local secretary of the Metalworkers Union and opposed to the soft line of Lorenzo Miguel, before the strike, which lasted 59 days, Martinez de Hoz was the Interior Minister Alberto Rocamora, the declaration of the illegality of the strike and sending security forces. Many strikers were abducted, subjected to mock executions, and others killed. At the premises of the factory was first set up secret detention center, a third baseman to be applied later during the Independence Operative.Pilgrim Rodolfo Fernandez, then inspector of the Federal Police of Argentina, declared to the Commission on Human Rights Argentina Acindar “paid to all police personnel-officers, NCOs and other ranks-a plus (…) extra money to make it a kind of military strength with barbed wire fences. The replacement of Martinez de Hoz in front of Acindar would be General Aufranc Alcides Lopez, who will continue with law enforcement efforts.

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