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Jun '20

Advisor Community Awards

Germany’s largest Advisor Community Awards seal of approval that evaluate users about products and services. Munich, August 12, 2010: Germany’s largest Advisor community gutefrage.net is for the first time with an own label individual consumer recommendations for good products or services. Because the needs of consumers will grow after a trusted guide. And whether a product or service actually holds that, looking at her what it promises, not always at the first glance. The large amount of alternatives the choice hard so many. The choice makes the start for Germany’s most beautiful theme park. Top10 lists exist for all sorts of things, but the number of votes not says what’s good about it or what I should look for still me still,”says gutefrage.net-Nutzerin sternschnuppe85.

This customer interest is at the heart of the gutefrage.net-Gutesiegels. Thus in the future not only quickly learn the consumer where they have the most fun can, but also comprehensive background information and reports received from other consumers, the community vote will first start with German amusement parks. So they help to determine the best amusement park that will be awarded at the end with the gutefrage.net-Gutesiegel. So does the gutefrage.net Advisor ranking beginning the first vote were before the gutefrage.net-Mitglieder nominate their favorite German amusement parks. From the submitted proposals by user, gutefrage.net then created a voting list with candidates that are available for selection. The next option is the winner. Instead of a predetermined jury members vote here now the largest advice community in Germany about products or services and also helpful, individual experience reports. The subsequent vote produces a ranking with the most popular amusement parks and detailed background reports of gutefrage.net-Community.

The top finishers get upon completion of the evaluation gutefrage.NET seal of approval. In this way, experienced consumer other consumers in the choice of products and services provide a helpful orientation. With the launch of choice in the category most beautiful theme park”will follow from now regularly more votes on. The seal of approval is then in a variety of categories of the best mobile phone tariffs are awarded to the best travel provider or the best online pharmacy. Gutefrage.net: gutefrage.net is 2010 I with 12.34 million unique users according to AGOF the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The Advisor platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks.

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